Multi-talented and shape-shifting drag performer driven to entertain audiences and change lives through the power of drag performance.

Since starting to experiment with drag in early 2015 I have developed my practice to include comedic songwriting, lip-synch performance, live singing, choreographic dance and outrageous costumes, and have just completed my first feature-length one-woman theatrical performance: aPOKEalypse Now!

I am host and producer to a number of weekly & monthly shows, thriving on-stage and completely comfortable improvising with large audiences to make sure the show always goes with a bang!

My study of and work in architecture has been invaluable to the development of my artistic career.


Projects Past & Present


Gieza's Pokehouse

Creative Director, Curator, Producer and Host

Weekly drag show showcasing new and upcoming drag and drag-adjacent performers.

Monster Ronsons Ichiban Karaoke Bar

aPOKEalypse Now; Mamoirs of a Gieza; I'm Still Here

Dramatist, Co-Producer, Performer

Various venues

Queer political theatre piece based on my fictional erotic autobiography of the same name, featuring a mixture of readings, parody songs, video projections and audience interactions.

Length ca. 110 minutes.

Gieza Poke's Mic Hunt

Creative Director, Curator, Producer and Host

Monster Ronsons Ichiban Karaoke Bar

Monthly drag karaoke party bringing queer performance into a predominantly heteronormative environment.

Gieza Poke's Rubber Dolls @ PLASTIC

Creative Director, Curator and Host


Monthly drag show at one of Berlin's largest & longest-running queer venues, bringing alternative drag and drag performances into mainstream queer culture.

House of Presents

Performer & Host

Various venues

Alternative Berlin-based drag collective pushing the boundaries of drag performance producing large scale drag performance shows and parties throughout Berlin and Europe.

Drag Saves Lives



Hosting a five-day-workshop for young people (16-21) about the empowerment of drag & performance, culminating in a production featuring these performers.

Berlin Bruisers' Violet Varieté

Creative Director, Curator, Co-Producer and Host

Various venues across Berlin

Biannual fundraiser for the local gay & inclusive rugby team (the Berlin Bruisers), featuring different varieté, drag & cabaret performers.

Yo!Sissy Music Festival

Assistant Art Director

Designing & producing decoration for multiple stages and spaces as well as co-ordinating large teams of volunteers

Various venues across Berlin

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